One of our favorite parts of each wedding that we plan and design is the Grand Entrance, the moment when the Bride is revealed to her family, friends, and most importantly to her groom. To add to the already exciting moment we love to create a unique entrance that creates a lasting memory. From a silhouette kabuki screen drop to emerging from the vines, we have orchestrated some of the most unforgettable entrances for our brides.

Grand Entrance


Be sure that your entrance reflects your style. If you don’t mind the spotlight go for something dramatic like entering at the top of a staircase or from behind a private drape. If you are more of a classic bride, find a place where your entrance will be just your own. The most important tip, take a deep breath and enjoy the moment.

Happy Planning!


The historic Bently Reserve is one of San Francisco’s most cherished venues. Originally the Old Federal Reserve, the building combines old San Francisco elegance with todays best ECO friendly management. Stunning from the moment you arrive, you walk up the grand staircase and are welcomed by the beautiful Banking Hall lined with stunning marble columns.

The Bently Reserve


The Bently Reserve was built for special events. The beauty of the architecture lends itself to create the perfect back drop for any special event. Not only is the Bently Reserve a unique and sustainable venue, it has received the LEED-CI Platinum Certification. Little touches like the “Couples Lounge”,  a space for the couple to have some private time during their wedding while still being connected to their guests with a flat screen that covers the festivities inside the Banking Hall.
The Bently Reserve - Special Events 2

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