Award-winning Chef Thomas Keller is famous for what he calls “the law of diminishing returns” when it comes to bites of food. At the French Laundry, a tasting menu is served with each course consisting of just a few perfect bites of food. Why? Because according to Keller and other famous chefs, during the first few bites of food, flavors are heightened and shortly thereafter, flavor saturation and palette fatigue set in. This means that a served portion of food should leave diners wanting just one more bite. By doing so, you guard against complacency with a dish or flavors, leaving your palette alive to once again absorb new flavors with each new dish.

When it comes to creating an unforgettable dining experience for our event guests, we’ve learned there’s a lot of truth to Chef Keller’s idea. More and more, our clients want to impress their guests with a variety of food options – cuisines from other cultures, delights sourced by local purveyors, chilled ceviches or tartars, and of course, the ever-so-popular request, upscale comfort food. The best way to satisfy this request is to offer guests small bites of savory and sweet treats with lots of variety. Our stellar catering partners focus on the guests’ dining experience and create dishes that are perfectly suited to an entertaining atmosphere. Not to mention they invent innovative ways to showcase these delectable works of art and know just how to make each dish take its turn in the spotlight.

We hope you enjoy this blog entry as it is sure to be a feast for the eyes.

Delectable bites were created by the following catering companies:
Componere Fine Catering | Paula LeDuc Fine Catering | St. Regis San Francisco
Photography by Arrowood Photography | Kevin Chin | Lisa Lefkowitz