When planning any event, our goal is to exceed our client’s expectations of their desired outcome for the event. Whether it’s a surprise birthday party, a celebratory bar/bat mitzvah or a destination wedding, we listen to what our clients want and we make it happen. One of the first requirements on our client’s lists is to create a unique and memorable experience for their guests. Before colors or types of flowers, our clients explain that the attendees of the event are first and foremost in their hearts. They want to ensure their guests feel welcomed, loved and most of all, have a fabulous time.

Today’s blog is all about creating a warm welcome for guests. Over the years, we’ve had several destination events that we’ve planned and produced from start to finish. Often, the events take place over several days and we move guests seamlessly from one event to another. Offering warm hospitality is key to making guests feel welcome and appreciated. It’s your way of saying “thank you” to your nearest and dearest who have committed the time and resources to attending the celebration. Here are a few tips that help create a warm welcome:

Reserve a hospitality suite: Similar to an Executive Lounge area in a lux hotel reserved only for members, reserving a suite that all your guests have access to is a thoughtful touch. Have light refreshments on hand at all times, stack the tables with local maps or site-seeing adventures, and even use it as a gathering point for meeting before any scheduled off-site activities.

Greet with Welcome Swag Bags: Gift baskets have come a long way since fruit and wine. From flowers to artisan sodas, healthy snack kits to sweet slumber accessories – so many options are available to fit your event theme. Any guest will feel instantly welcomed by such a token of appreciation greeting them upon arrival.

Host a Mix & Mingle: If you’re asking guests to travel for several days, they’ll be spending time with other guests that they may not know. Hosting a cocktail party, coffee bash, or dessert hour on the arrival day is a great way for guests to mix and mingle in a relaxed setting.

Plan Fun Events: Aside from the formal celebrations, plan a few extra things for guests to do as they choose. These non-obligatory events bring people with similar interests together for shared experiences. For example, if your friends are runners – schedule a group run; or if yoga is your way of starting off an amazing day – schedule a group private yoga session atop a hilltop for anyone wanting to join in.  

Brunch: We love planning farewell brunch for any destination event. While it falls at the end of the trip and wouldn’t be thought of as a “welcome event,” brunch serves the purpose of showering guests with gratitude for their attendance one last time.

Below we’ve chosen some photographs that capture the spirit of our tips above. Being hospitable never goes out of style so however you choose to create a warm welcome, your guests will certainly appreciate your efforts.

Photo Credits: Michelle Walker Photography | Arrowood Photography | Sylvie Gil | Molly Landreth

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