Jun 12, 2019

Morgan Events Standard | Honoring Family In Your Wedding

For many people, the wedding day is one of the most special days of their entire lives. It’s the first day that together, two people are creating a new partnership. It’s on this day that couples decide from this day forward, we are a team, and come what may, we’re in this together. Those commitments are strong, life-changing decisions, affirmations of truth and love. And during this special day, couples want to be surrounded by people in their lives who’ve come on a journey with them. Those family members and friends who have been with you every step of the way speaking truths, offering advice, providing support and always giving unconditional love. Because of this, couples often choose to find special ways to honor particular family members throughout their wedding celebrations. Here are a few ways:

Including Family Photos. Often, couples will display family photos on the welcome table. Guests love to pause and look at photos of other family weddings. Some might even spot themselves as a bridesmaid or flower girl from years ago. Or, a bride may opt to include family photos on her bouquet so that her nearest and dearest are close as she walks down the aisle. Framing photos of other family weddings is a nod to the past, an appreciation of what has come before that has led to today.

Father-Daughter Dance. One of the most universal requests is a father-daughter dance. Every father’s dream comes true when he takes to the dance floor with his daughter for that once in a lifetime moment. All the guests turn to watch as one or both shed tears of joy for the happiness of the moment.

Toasts. Historically reserved for funny jokes and wise cracks from the best man, wedding toasts have come a long way. Not only will members of the family get involved in toasting the newlyweds, but often, the couple themselves will request time with the microphone. When you’re surrounded by all the special people in your life, its a perfect time to let them know how much they mean to you. So go ahead, prepare a speech; there won’t be a dry eye in the house!

Fashion & Accessories. An old wedding tradition that seems to have staying power is “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.” Often, couples are able to incorporate fashion elements or accessories from family heirlooms into their wedding. Whether it’s an embroidered handkerchief from a special aunt or a swatch of her mother’s wedding dress sewn into her own, there are many ways a bride can update fashions in nod to her family’s history.

Job Assignment. Often, family members want to help with wedding planning and navigating the waters here can be a bit challenging. When working with clients, we often encourage the family to get involved in the special, intimate moments that lead up to the wedding celebration. But when it comes to the main event, it’s best to leave bigger items like planning to the professionals. This way, everyone can truly enjoy the event and celebrate with the couple, rather than focus on an individual task during the big day. Whether a family member can write a toast for the rehearsal dinner or recite a poem during the ceremony, you’ll make them feel special and involved if they can contribute a little something to the celebration.

However you choose to honor your family, we know they will be flattered. Below are just a few ways in which our clients did so.

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